Autumn is Coming.. a short update on life in the tiny house

I talk to a lot of people who say Autumn is their favorite season. It is still technically summer here in the mountains, but things are starting to cool down a bit. The evenings are crisp and nights are perfect for sleeping in the tiny house. I have to wear fuzzy socks in the morning now. I just love it. I don't want to wish my time away, but I can't wait for the leaves to begin their symphony of brilliant reds and oranges.

I have an interview for a part time job tomorrow. I had one a couple of weeks ago that I didn't get. I am hopeful for this one. I just need a little extra money to help me grow my writing business and, of course, save the Element.

We are having some friends up to Mt. Matt this weekend for a barbecue and to play music. We got a new little barrel smoker. We've already smoked a venison roast and grilled some salmon on it. It will be exiting to smoke a pork butt.

Also, we have solar spider. A really pretty black and white spined micrathena has built her intricate web between the solar panels and the tree. If you don't like spiders, you may want to scroll quickly past this photo:

Inspired by my friend and neighbor as well as a fellow tiny house blogger, I decided to see what my little Cannon camera can do. I've always been more of a point and click photographer and many of my amateur photos on this blog show that very clearly. But, my old camera does have some pretty neat settings. Even though I am pining for the fall colors, I thought I would get a photo of our woods with the vivid green setting:

And then I enjoyed playing around with the sepia:

It reminds me of an old timey photograph like Laura Ingalls Wilder might have had of her little house in the woods, or on the prairie. Except we have solar panels.

You may also notice that we finally took down the saw horses! This is a huge milestone for Life in 120 Square Feet. It means that we have finally finished all the essential work and can just concentrate on living.


  1. hi Laura! My partner and I are about to embark on a tiny mobile home. Your blog is so informational and enjoyable. Thank you.

    I know this is a lot to ask, but we are hoping to visit one and get a feel for it before moving forward. We'd love to visit yours! We are in Plumtree, NC, nearby.

    Many thanks,
    Eleanor Blake

  2. I have been enjoying reading your blogs Laura. I live fairly nearby and wonder if you have had problems with bears where you live, particularly since you have an outdoor kitchen and a grill. I hope you will continue to blog about your experiences in a tiny house.

    1. Our outdoor kitchen is really just a prep space. We never leave food unattended outside. Our neighbors have seen a small bear around here. We've never seen more than its tracks.


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