The Tiny Table: New Outdoor Kitchen, Steak, and Roasted Root Vegetables

Today's Tiny Table is brought to you by our brand new out door kitchen.  I thought I would share some of the build photos with you.

We used EZ Spikes for the four posts. We decided to use that to create a solid base but not involve bringing cement up the hill. We've done that before and would like to avoid doing it again. As it turns out, the spikes were a great solution.

Here is the base of the table being built.

And the completed frame

And the finished table. Well, nearly finished. This was after I painted the top surface gray. We also added a bottom shelf that you will see in the next photos. It really isn't crooked - I was when I took the photo. As you can see we didn't build much more than a nice out door table, but it is very functional. Because of the slope of the land it works on several different levels (pun intended). 

And here is me preparing the root vegetables for roasting. The Camp Chef camp oven, which is stored on the shelf below when not used, sits on the shortest part of the table. This makes using the oven more ergonomic or something. Where the cutting board sits is actually about counter height so is perfect for preparation.

And you can see here on high end of the table I have a Pur water filter with a spigot to use for washing the veggies and for dishes. 

So all the hard work paid off with this build. We may do some additional things. We are still debating whether or not we want to add sides or doors. Right now we will leave it like this to see what works best. The most important thing was that we were able to successfully make dinner. The root vegetables roasted in the oven for about an hour making them extremely tender and yummy. I had dressed them with olive oil, garlic powder, a teensy bit of cayenne, salt and pepper. While this was happening Matt threw some steaks on the grill to complete the meal.

The photo makes it look like the table is upside down. 

The food was delicious and the table was a huge success. 


  1. Very cool! Good simple use of space there. We have the same stove and love it.

  2. You are 21st Century Pioneers. Ingenious! ATHikerGal

  3. Love your blog and what you are doing to share how you function in your "new" environment! I have a question. How do you discourage snakes from hovering around your little house and area around you?

  4. Love your blog and that you are showing others how you function in your "new" environment. Question for you - How do you discourage snakes from hovering around your house and the area around the home?


  5. Hi Judith - thanks for reading! We're glad you're here.

    The cement piers that we've built out house on deter most household pests - with the exception of small spiders and crickets (which Piglet really loves to play with when they hop).

    Black Rat Snakes are pretty common here and they are harmless and eat the rodents. We have seen a few down at the barn, which is where they can stay. We've never had one up at the house. We are often mindful of more dangerous snakes when we walk the trails on our land but we haven't seen any yet.


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