The Tiny Table: Tiny Eggplants

...and a gratuitous Piglet photo. Let's just get that one out of the way, shall we?

Window Cat
So, with that bit of side business done I now present to you today's installment of The Tiny Table.

We went back to the Farmers Market and our CSA had some incredibly adorable and delicious looking minature eggplants. I do like all things tiny, so we picked up a pint. I really wanted to saute them up with some olive oil and fresh garlic (which we also got from our CSA). So I did.

Then we cooked up some pasta and sauce we had picked up at a local co-op. This sauce in fact:

We happened to have some cooked Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage left over from a previous meal so I threw that in the cast iron skillet to brown and then put it in the sauce to heat up while I threw the mini eggplants in the skillet. I simply sliced them in half and cooked them until they were tender. They were very flavorful.

Here is the ugly but really tasty result of all of this cooking!

Today we are going to do another cooking experiment with items found at the Farmers Market. We've had a friend, Dann, in town for a while now and he really enjoys cooking on the grill so we've been smoking brisket and short ribs and things like that on Saturdays. I never think to take photos but technically it is not prepared in or even near the tiny house so it doesn't really count as The Tiny Table. We've been refering to it as "Smoking Saturdays." But today we are moving the grill and all related items up to the tiny house to be next to the outdoor kitchen we built. And this week Matt and I are taking over the grilling and we are going to make Grilled Pizza!  Yes, you read that right. I can't wait and I promise to get photos of it. We got a ton of heirloom tomatoes to make a bruchetta like sauce for one of the pizzas and we'll slice up some of the colorful tomatoes for topping as well.

Stay tuned for more Tiny Table and other little house adventures.


  1. I'm a new follower but I have to say that is not an ugly dinner! It looks delicious! I love your tiny home and trying to convince my husband to downsize. Life would be so much easier without all the clutter we have! -Alyhs of Living an Unlife

  2. I found your little piece of the interweb through the tumbleweed site. It's fantastic what you guys have done and hope to one day follow in your proverbial foot steps where that leads me out west or up Asheville way. Thanks.


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