Seriously, what is with all the rain?

It has been raining for at least four days straight. At first I was excited. Then I got a little annoyed. Now I need the sun or I am going to wither. I'm not normally the type of person to complain about the weather, but I am getting a little tired of all this rain.

Apparently there is a drought everywhere in the South East...except at Mt. Matt. No really, check out this link.

I am not above making myself look like an idiot on my own blog so I feel it necessary to share this photographic evidence of me coping with the rain.

Here's the thing. Our umbrellas were in the car...all the way down the mountain. It was pouring ran outside. We needed to get from the house to the car. Solution: trash bag ponchos!  I thought it was brilliant.  Dorky, but brilliant.

In other tiny house news, remember when I showed you that Piglet had learned to get up to the storage loft by using the ladder? 

Well, shortly after that time Piglet also proved that she could get up to that loft by jumping from her lowest platform. At first she wouldn't come back down, but finally she decided to throw caution to the wind and just jump back to the platform. She's a pro at it now. Well, to make things even more entertaining, she had now learned to navigate the ladder. I got a picture of that, too!

The other day we had a moth in the house. Piglet was up on the loft batting at it. Then she got onto her top platform to chase it...then she fell. Piglet came tumbling down, hit the counter on the way, bounced off the couch and landed on the floor. Piglet does not land on her feet - she failed that portion of cat school.

After a moment she shook her head and was all like "nothing happened! I meant to do that." We made sure she had no broken bones and she was just fine. She got a lot of treats for that. Seriously, our cat is a bigger dork than I am.


  1. Yes, I love reading about your tiny house, but Piglet steals the show.

  2. I love reading about your daily life in your tiny home. I've seen many sites on the build, but they seem to end there. You have some great posts! Keep up the good work!! And of course, more about Piglet!! Definitely a show stealer! :)

  3. I love reading about your daily living. Most of the sites about tiny homes are about the build and the choices, but few have daily living info. It's fun to hear your successes and I love learning from things that didn't quite go the way you planned! Love hearing about Piglet (you paint and entertaining picture of the antics). Will be waiting to hear more! :)

  4. Well, you do happen to live in my favorite climate:

  5. I feel ya about the rain. I have notebook paper that just feels "wet" even though it's no where near the water. Even my stereo system is having a hard time playing CDs - I think because of all the rain. Ha!

  6. I'm a big fan of Piglet! She is really coping well with all the change. Send some of that rain our way - we could use it!

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog and I'm really enjoying your journey. Just starting to pick up steam on the ideas of down-sizing and simplifying, and these "Tiny Houses" are very thought provoking.

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  9. Ha!! Way to go, Piglet! Hilarious. Need video next time. :)

  10. Laura! Please send us the rain up this way! Everything is deadish here. Even my forest is defoliating. Awful really.
    The cat photo is HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing it! BAHAHAHA!
    Besta the best,
    Tiny House Ontario

  11. Hi! I'm in Eastern NC (very flat) and have been reading for a month or so. Great Piglet post! Almost choked on my soda. Glad Piglet is okay. Agree with others that it's great that you didn't stop after the build was complete. Look forward to more posts and Piglet stories. Pat


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