"Pointy Spider" and other interesting searches.

Like many bloggers, I keep track of hits to my website through the specific search strings people might Google (or other search engine name as verb) to land on this page. I am baffled by many of them and amused by some.

People have found this blog by searching for "salad and ladder and cats" which seems like a strange combination.

Seems like I get some traffic from my Frontier House post. Just like me, there are many who are interested in the series. And recently I got a hit from someone searching "pointy spider".

I realized that I had also Googled "Pointy Spider" way back in 2010 when I posted about siding our house.

I had taken this photo of a weird little spider:

I thought as a public service I should share that I have since learned exactly what kind of spider that is. She is called a Spined Micrathena. They are really common on our mountain starting right about this time of year. And what they really like to do is build webs across the path from tree to tree right about face height so we run into them on a regular basis! 

I got this other photo last year of a Micrathena on my garden statue.
They really are the same type of spider - maybe slightly different types of Spined Micrathenas. They aren't terribly big but they are super cool. Only the females spin webs and the webbing is the thickest I've ever run into. You notice that sort of stuff when you're swiping them out of your face several times a day.

Anyway, that is my public service for the day. Anyone searching for Pointy Spider will now know they are called the Spined Micrathena. Yay me!