Happy Independence Day from Life in 120 Square Feet

For several years we have hosted a 4th of July camp out here at Mt. Matt. This year we decided not to do it for several reasons - we took a two week trip, people have been visiting us on their own schedule, and we're just getting ourselves involved in the community. However, the reason Independence Day has always been important to us here is because of the real sense of Independence that this tiny house provides us.

Imagine my surprise when I discover today that the Oregon Live website as posted a very nice article about me and our tiny house.

Even the simple life has its complications, it seems. But, as LaVoie concludes on her Tiny House Talk post, "even if tiny living isn't for everyone, profoundly changing the way we live can be an incredibly liberating experience."
You can read the entire article here.

I understand Oregon to be very tiny house friendly, so if you are interested in the Tiny House Movement it might not be a bad idea to check out what that state has to offer.