5 Things I Love About Living on the Mountain

Just after moving into the Tiny House, I posted 5 truths about living in the woods. They included things like sweeping and constant battles with bugs. But I also said that I loved living on our mountain. One of the comments said, "Please do bore me with all the details about why you love living in the woods." So I thought I might share with you a couple of my favorite things about living on my mountain.

1. Peace and tranquility. I was going to say "peace and quiet" but that isn't exactly true. We don't have the city noise like we did in Atlanta but it has been replaced with the sounds of nature. We hear lots of birds, lots of crickets and the gentle sound of the wind in the trees. I used to use one of those sound machines to be able to fall asleep in the city. Now I don't need one.

2. Cooking outside. I never realized how much I loved to cook outside until it became a regular feature in my life. Whether it is just cooking on the camp stove or baking in our camp oven or even grilling outside I find that the enjoy the process much more than I did when I rushed home every day to shovel food in my face.

4. Good News Bees. I wrote about the bad bugs in my last post. I still manage to get bitten by mosquitoes on a pretty regular basis. But there are good bugs around here like pretty butterflies and some spiders. My favorite is the Good News Bee. I've written about them briefly before. They are so cool. They aren't bees at all but a type of very large fly with pretty yellow and black markings. They just hover in front of you which is why they are commonly called Good News Bees. Matt suggested I start a Good News Bee sanctuary - you know, like how people have butterfly houses and things. I just don't know about breeding giant flies.

4. Bats. Just at dusk you can lean back in your chair outside and see the bats flitting across the treetops. I love watching them just flap around. I also know they are eating the mosquitoes that plague me. They just need to work faster. One of these days I think I might build them a bat house. For now I think they live in the barn, which is fine. I believe we have "Big Brown Bats," but they are still only about 6 inches long when fully grown.

5. The Stars. After you can no longer see the bats when the sun has gone down beyond the horizon, the stars come out. There are times the night is so clear we can see the Milky Way. The big dipper is pouring right over the barn. I'm not very good at identifying constellations but we've had various friends here over the years who point out different things to us.


  1. Great imagery! Love livin' with nature, as a friend said. Have a peaceful day. mary

  2. Very nice! I live out on the plains in my tiny house and although I have many of the same likes and dislikes, I would add: loving the sound of so many doves cooing and hating the constant wind rolling off the Rockies and gathering destructive momentum by the time it gets to me.

    Your place sounds lovely!

  3. When we come to visit, we'll have to walk up to the house at night. I think the stars will be different there, than at the barn.

    When you talk about good news bees, I am always reminded of the Walter Mathau/John Belushi skit on SNL years ago "Bad New Bees", a spoof of "Bad news bears". So funny.

    The sounds up there are quite healing.


  4. We have found a couple apps for android that we use a lot at night. Google sky map is great for identifying constelations and planets, and ISS detector tells us when and where to look for the international Space Station. We watch for satelites also.

  5. Where can I PM you guys to give you my email, to start discussing tiny housing my self, maybe near Toxaway or between Brevard and Asheville. Currently live in Arkansas

    1. If you go to my Facebook page, shown at the right, and message me there it is the easiest way. I check messages frequently.

  6. People blow me away sometimes!! Why would they read ur own post, & complain to u that u are boring them!! Some folks just need to stay on YouTube!!


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