What goes up must come down

Since we moved into the house, Piglet has avoided going any higher than the first two rungs of the ladder.  When she does she will go from another surface like the chair, table, or couch.  But the last couple of days something very interesting has happened.

Our ladder is movable. It attaches with hooks to either the sleeping loft side or the storage loft side so we can access everything up there as well.  Occasionally we will move it over to the storage loft to get something and just leave it there for the day.  Since Piglet can get up in the sleeping loft with her platforms she doesn't need it.

The other day Matt and I were both outside working on our outdoor kitchen counter (photos to come when that project is finished). I went inside to get something and when I did I just said hi to Piglet, which is typical.  I had no idea where she was, I just always say hi. Then she peered down at me from the storage loft! She had climbed the ladder all by herself. As soon as I cam in she climbed down in a couple of big leaps so I gave her some treats so she associates good things with the ladder.

Yesterday, I came in again after working out side and she was up in the loft again. This time, though, there were a couple of bags hanging from the hook blocking her way back down. I have no idea how she got up past them, but she did. Now she was having a heck of a time getting down. I tried to encourage her, but eventually I had to just go up and get her.

Later yesterday night we watched her climb the ladder up to the sleeping loft. Slow and steady. Except she couldn't get up the last step because the bed was in her way.  Keep practicing, Piglet! You can do it!

Oh, yes, I do have pictures. Thanks for asking.

Can I go this way?

Maybe if I go this way?

Maybe if I just go head first.
This really isn't working for me! 


  1. She is so cute! Has she got it now?

  2. Great blog! Both this and the beer one. I too homebrew when time permits and hope to build a tiny house. I have linked your blog on my own blog about living in an rv and extreme tiny house. I have a suggestion for Piglets misadventures with ladders. I am guessing Piglet is uncomfortable coming down the ladder since she/he(?)cant sink claws into the wood. Maybe some strips of carpet on the ladder treads? Just a suggestion, I could be totally wrong. Keep up the great work on both your blogging and tiny house.

    Pete @ Tiny Travels: living in a house on wheels

    1. Hi Pete! Thanks for the comments! I am going to check out your blog right away.

      It is hard to see in these photos, but there are little strips of carpeting on each rung. It is softer on the toes in the morning and we thought it would be easier for Piglet to navigate. She has platforms on one wall she can jump up and down on to get up to the sleeping loft. Those are also carpeted and she loves to scratch them, too.

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  3. It's wonderful to follow along with your tiny living decisions! I am about to start my own Tumbleweed Fencl soon (fingers crossed!) and was wondering if you two bought the complete plans from them or just the framing plans? I don't have construction experience, so I definitely need plans, but I also want to alter the inside plans as well so therefore I debate whether or not to buy them.

    Also, was there a discount offered on plans when you went to the workshop?

    1. Thanks so much for reading!

      Awesome news about starting your Fencl soon. We bought our plans over three years ago and at the time I believe all they offered were the complete plans. We did a little modification on the interior ourselves, though. The Tarleton was designed with a wall between the kitchen and living area but we wanted it open so we made sure it didn't affect the integrity and went for it. We would have probably bought the complete plans even if they only offered the framing plans.

      When we did the workshop they did offer a discount. Our workshop was about 13 people around a table talking with Jay Shafer. Very different from the workshops they do today.

      I wish you the best of luck building your tiny house. We are so happy with ours. If you decide to blog about it, let me know.


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