Tuned In

I had forgotten all about this but was reminded in a recent conversation. Our good friend Andrew was here visiting a couple weekends ago. He's been along for the ride a few times as we have been working on the tiny house. Andrew is also a photographer, so he takes quite a few great photos of things on our land. In fact, he can manage to find intense beauty in things I have taken for granted.  A couple years ago he took this photo of an old antenna in the middle of a clearing on our land.

He put it up on his Flickr page, of course, because he took it and it is beautiful. Next thing you know, it is featured in a Wired.com article

Go ahead and check out his other photos while you're there.  He took a few while he was here a couple weeks ago that are just stunning.


  1. Awesome. It takes a vision to be a great photographer or tiny home builder or participant in life. What a wonderful circle you are building! All the best! John Mauldin

  2. Thanks Laura! Coming up to visit you & Matt is always a great experience. Not only do I get to spend some time with a couple of my favorite people, I get to see lots of beautiful things... and then take pictures of them. :)


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