The Tiny Table: I swear that is sausage

This week's farmer's market meal included some amazingly incredible spicy lamb sausage which we cooked up on the cast iron skillet. We served it on penne pasta tossed with pesto. We paired that with a green salad from our CSA and a bottle of red wine.


  1. That looks delicious! Love that it is all local and naturally produced too!

  2. We are all going to have to get back to locally produced food, if for no other reason, to reduce or eliminate the amount of preservatives we consume, including all kinds of chemicals and sodium. Seems the people who are in the tiny house movement are more concerned with the environment, health and leaving a smaller footprint on the earth, a wonderful way to live! Thanks for the inspriration.

  3. Lamb sausage screams out COUSCOUS!


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