The Tiny Table: First Farmer's Market Haul

Welcome to a new feature here at 120 Square Feet - The Tiny Table. Matt has always been a really good cook, but cooking in the tiny house with limited space and fewer gadgets will be a fun activity. 

On Saturday, we found ourselves at the Asheville City Market where we bought food not only from 10 Mile Farm, our CSA, but also from several other great sources.  We got a lot of veggies, meats, fresh eggs, and cheeses that could be easily mixed and matched to make delightful meals.  Sunday, which was rainy, was the perfect day to stay in and cook.  We decided to have a brunch as well as dinner. So I thought I would share the results with you.

Spinach, feta, chicken and apple sausage and egg scramble

This was an easy one skillet meal. We made it in the new cast iron skillet over our butane burner.  We started by cutting up the chicken and apple sausage and browning it in the skillet. Then we added some butter and threw in the spinach to cook down. Once it was nice and wilty, we threw in the farm fresh eggs and feta cheese and scrambled it up.  It was delicious. The taste of the fresh made feta was very different than what you might get at the grocery store. The eggs were everything I had been told they would be from others who enjoy fresh eggs over store bought. The chicken sausage with apple added just a bit of sweetness.

Rib-eye steak from Hickory Nut Gap Farm with onions and mushrooms, mashed turnips, spinach salad with cheddar cheese and onions, and Vidalia onion dressing.

One of the ideas behind going to a farmer's market was to try things we've never had or wouldn't normally eat.  Neither of us had ever had turnips before. Matt turned to Google to figure out the best method of preparing them. We boiled them and then mashed them with butter, salt, and a little sugar.  They were delicious. I would eat them again for sure.  We sauteed the onions and mushrooms in the cast iron skillet with a little butter and then set them aside and cooked the steaks in the same skillet. I washed and cut up the spinach and added the cheese and onion. The vidalia onion dressing was amazingly delicious. It was quite a successful meal. I even ate all the onions and mushrooms, which do not normally eat.


  1. A favorite of mine, especially in the fall, is to boil carrots and turnips together, then mash them. You end up with this lovely fall-colored thing which you then mix up with tons of butter and a bit of brown sugar. Turnips are also good done up kind of like home fries, or french fries. You can also add onions in when boiling the turnips, for added savory flavor.

    A nice mix for spinach is a little boiled egg, some local strawberries or raspberries, and your vidallia onion dressing or a raspberry walnut vinegarette. The sweet versus the savory is soooo good.

  2. Welcome :) Are you going to be gardening at all up there? I'm just full of gardening advice. ;)

    1. We plan to eventually. I'll certainly talk to you about that once we get started.

    2. Feel free. I can also give you access to one of my (now defunct) blogs that explains a lot about farming and micro-farming, which might be useful for you. Where you are there's a nice growing season. It's also ideal for growing pigs and chickens, whether for eggs or meat. :)

  3. Mmm, that food looks awesome!

    I really need to try turnips, myself. They are on the list of the Root Vegetables I Want to Try (since I'm limiting my potato consumption these days). I like that you mashed them. Mashing various root veg seems to be the popular thing in Europe and the UK (such as the Scots with their beloved rutabagas, which they confusingly refer to as turnips, or 'neeps'). It seems that in the US, we mostly stick to potatoes, but I think we're probably missing out.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing more about your cooking adventures! :)

    1. My family always had mashed rutabaga for Thanksgiving. The turnips are delicious and I love Allyson's suggestion above to mash them with carrots.

      By the way, we watched the first episode of The Little Paris Kitchen. I definitely plan on making some of the things she makes! Yum.


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