Making a note here, Huge Success

There are so many titles I could have used for this post. And really, it doesn't have anything to do with Portal or Jonathan Coulton. Or even his song about Portal, which is where I got the title from. None of that really has anything to do with this post except that I am a huge nerd so when I thought about how great our first night in the tiny house was, this is the first thing that came to mind.

I'm afraid I don't have any photographic evidence, but we were spending the evening getting settled in so I didn't break out the camera.

The last two days have been a whirlwind of moving related projects.  On Tuesday, we rented a truck and reserved the apartment complex's service elevator. We loaded up all of the stuff we wanted to keep in storage in Atlanta and all the stuff we wanted to give to Good Will. I took the Element to storage and put the seats back in (they had been in storage while we were hauling things up to Mt. Matt over the last few months.  Matt arrived with the truck and we quickly loaded everything into storage. It took us a total of two hours from the time we pulled our rental truck up to the loading dock at the apartment to the time we unloaded the truck at storage and took it back to U-Haul.

On Tuesday night, we inflated an air mattress in our mostly empty apartment and did some cleaning.

Wednesday, we got up around 9 and started loading the rest of our stuff in the Element (and some in Matt's car too)  at about 10am. We were done with everything and driving out of Atlanta by noon.  There was a weird sense of finality. Not that we'll never go back to Atlanta. In fact we plan to go back pretty often to see friends and go to things like Dragon*Con. But this drive was different than all the other times that we've driven up to the mountain. This time I knew we didn't have to go back at the end of a weekend.  It didn't take us long at all to unload the Element. We put some things in the barn and took the things up to the tiny house to unpack.

We also worked with Piglet to make sure she understood and could use the platforms we built for her. With a lot of treats, it didn't take her very long to figure it out.  But, for some reason after Matt and I went up to the loft to go to bed she stayed down on the couch in her blanket.

At about 4am I had to get up to pee and so I stopped at the couch to give Piglet some pets and she began to purr.  She got up and I explained to her that if she used the platforms, she could snuggle in the bed with Matt. And it was like a light bulb went off in her little head.  She raced up to the loft and started purring and rubbing on Matt's face before I even made it up the ladder.  She went back to sleep with us.  She got up around 7:30 this morning for food but went right back up to the loft to sleep the day away.  That is where she is now.  It is good that Piglet is doing normal Piglet things.  She even came down to have some more food and went back to bed - which is exactly what she would do anywhere else.

Today we have a few more things to do to get settled.  We'll go to the grocery store and go check out mailbox.  This weekend, our CSA will start selling at the farmer's market. Their CSA is market style which means we get credits and can go to the farmer's market and pick out what we want rather than just having to accept a box of what they've given us.  I am so excited about checking them out.

I want to thank everyone out there for supporting us. Thanks for the comments. Thanks for the individuals who have reached out to us directly. And, it amuses me to no end that everyone refers to our mountain as Mt. Matt.  Especially since it started as a joke back when we bought the land. But it makes me smile every time I see it in an email or posted somewhere else on the Internet!

Now that we are living here, I am considering how I want to keep the blog updated. Do I want to do it once or twice a week? Or do I want to post any time something interesting happens.  I don't know yet, but thanks for coming along on this journey to find out! 


  1. LOL, glad to hear Piglet's settling in nicely. And glad to know you're supporting local farmers. The markets in Norcross, Lilburn & Tucker have opened up now & although my own condo community does not have a CSA, I patronize others. Let me know when you're back in Atl & want to sell more on Ebay. Hugs to both of you! - Nancy

  2. Mail! That's something I hadn't thought of. I don't recall there being a mailbox at the end of the driveway. Is there one now, or are you doing a PO Box?

  3. All I can say is SQUEE! :)

  4. First off, it is you... you will find something to write about.

    Who knows you may have a turkey harem and need to write about what Piglet does when she sees turkeys.

    I'd be really interested on how different it is to live that small. What things you still are able to do, what things you will not be able to do, how you adapt to the new place that is as far as I can tell smaller than my bookshelves.

    Anyway, whatever you write I'll read.

  5. Hi Laura! I like how you write. I smiled when I read the "It is good that Piglet is doing normal Piglet things. ... - which is exactly what she would do anywhere else. ", Indeed, the piglet did the normal things.

    1. Thanks so much! And thanks for reading along about our adventures.

  6. Will Piglet be an inside only cat, or will she go outside as well? I know one of my cats like to go out in his harness, but the other cat has no interest at all in being outdoors.

    1. Piglet is an indoor kitty. Mostly for practical reasons - being hairless she isn't really made for outdoor life. Piglet does have a harness and leash and does enjoy a trip outside now and again. Mostly, she likes to sleep and eat. We were worried she wouldn't get enough exercise in the tiny house without room to run around, but the way she jumps up and down from her platforms I think we were wrong.


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