Last Trip Before Moving In

I was sad to leave the tiny house this time, but also happy to know that the next time I will be there will be on the day I move in!

I don't have much to report, but I wanted to share a couple of photos.  We did just a few little projects. 

The first photo is actually something that Matt did last week when I was in Atlanta.  He built doors for the bathroom.  We decided on two half doors so they would take up very little space if they are open. I really like the way they turned out.  It is impossible to get a good photo of them, but here is what I got. 

Then we also got the Berkey set up.  This will be essentially our kitchen sink and we will use it for general washing up and dishes and things like that. I love it! 

And lastly, we built Piglet some shelves so she can get up to the loft!  I can't wait until she can see them.  We used the Flor on them so she'd have some traction and a place to scratch and a place to lay down if she wants to. I can see her lounging on the shelf by the window looking out side.  I hope she likes them.

Matt is up doing some more last minute projects this week.  Then we're in Atlanta for the next week do pack up and get ready to go.  I am so excited about this change that I could burst.  


  1. Piglet has requested that we refer to her "shelves" as "platforms". From now on, they will be known as Piglet's Platforms.


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