The Adventures of Piglet the Mountain Sphynx

I am still up at the mountain just packing up to head back to Atlanta. I don't like to say "go home" any more because it is harder and harder to go back every time.  This little house is where I want to be.  Matt is currently building the bathroom door while I blog about Piglet's first time in the tiny house. 

The ride up to Asheville was great. Piglet is always so good in the car. She slept pretty much the whole ride.  Once we arrived, I took Piglet up to the house while Matt loaded all of our stuff onto the ATV trailer.  Piglet did not like the climb up to the house.  I was carrying her at first but she wiggled out of my hands and she walked on her leash up most of the path.  She was understandably confused when we got to the house.  She quickly discovered the windows and enjoyed looking out at the land. 

Once Matt got up to the house with our stuff, we unpacked a little and then hung out with Piglet before starting any work.  We learned that Piglet is terrified of the ladder up to the loft.  She won't try to climb it at all.  The good news is, we were planning to build her some shelves that she could use to get up to the loft.  We put her up in the loft by hand and she was fine, but didn't like to get too close to the edge. That actually made me feel better because I was afraid of her falling off. 

Non-Piglet things included some work on the bathroom.  Nothing exciting enough to post pictures of. I also did some more blogging for a client. We made some pasta for dinner and built a fire and hung outside for a while while Piglet slept more in the house.

The first night, Piglet slept downstairs on the couch while we slept in the loft.  We'll find a way to get her up there to cuddle with us at night. 

Today, Piglet has been much more comfortable. She woke us up this morning by trying to open the kitchen cabinets.  I got up and fed her and then took a shower and drove up to the local grocery store to get things to make breakfast. After breakfast, Piglet and Matt had a cuddle.

Piglet has been exploring up a storm the rest of today, though there isn't much to explore in such a tiny space.  As a special treat we went outside to explore.

And finally, we burned some extra energy by playing with the laser pointer. That will be the perfect toy in this small space. 

Soon, Piglet and I will head back down the mountain and make our way back to Atlanta for the week. Matt is staying until Thursday and then I think we might be going back to Asheville next weekend to take a load of things up in the Element while the seats are out of it.  Piglet won't be coming back again until we move in, but it won't be long now! 


  1. -jealous-looks fantasist and beautiful!

  2. Oh, what great photos! I think the shelves to the loft are a great idea, and Piglet will certainly have a lot to explore from them.

  3. Congratulations! Y'all are almost there, and now Piglet is almost there, too. I think the shelves to the loft are a great idea and she'll have a lot of fun playing on them and exploring their possibilities. And for Piglet's amusement, might I suggest String? It's a lovely invention, created just for a cat's amusement.

  4. Eee! *happiness*

  5. I know what you mean about not saying "going home" when returning to Atlanta from your Ashville home. I have never felt at home here, and since I finally found where I am truly AT HOME...Greenville, it is always hard for me to leave there. It is the place where I am peaceful, feel inspired, motivated, energized, a sense of endless possibilities and HOME. I have made lots of friends there and look forward to the day I can move there :-)

  6. Love the photos and so happy Piglet is figuring out how to be in the Tiny House!!!!


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