It looks like spring, but doesn't feel like it.

Once again, we weren't able to stay up at the tiny house this weekend.  The temperature plummeted throughout the week and we knew it would be about 26 degrees over night.  We chickened out again and got a hotel for Saturday night. 

We got up to the mountain about Noon on Saturday and unloaded some more things we brought up for the house but that can't go in until it is finished.  Our primary goal this time was to reorganize all the tools and things to get them out of the bathroom with the intention of beginning that project in the next few weeks.  A lot of the process of building a tiny house involves moving things around to get them out of the way.  Eventually, once the house is finished, we won't need the tools or paint cans or anything else that we just keep moving around and we can move everything down to the barn permanently. 

Anyway, once we got all the stuff moved out of the bathroom and back into the closets, we also built some drawer units for the kitchen cabinets. I am not always the best at following directions so it took me a couple tries when I put them together wrong the first time.  But once I got the first one built,  it didn't take long to put the second one together.  Now, we have drawers in our kitchen cabinets. 
These things won't be in the drawers permanently since they are camping things, but I just wanted to see how the organizers worked.  On the other side we will build a shelving unit out of wood to be able to store pots and pans and larger things. 

I also wanted to get a photo of the directors chairs with the cool green throw pillows that I found.  These aren't the final seating solution, but we have them them there for now until we build a bench/couch. 

 And, in spite of the fact that it was a blizzard on the mountain just two weeks ago it seems spring has sprung.  My daffodils have bloomed!

We will actually be back next weekend.  The plan is to start the floor in the bathroom.  We seriously hope it will be above freezing so we can sleep in the tiny house.