Beer Festivals and Brush Burning

We were in Asheville this weekend.  We went specifically because of the Winter Warmer Beer Festival, so we stayed in downtown and were only planning on a short time up at the tiny house. 

We got to town about mid-day on Saturday and had some lunch before walking over to the civic center for the beer fest. Many of the beers there were the same as last year, so we just scouted out the place and just tried a few before leaving a couple hours later. My favorite of the day was the Pisgah Chocolate Stout.  But perhaps I should save that info for my other blog.  After the beer fest, we wandered over to our favorite pizza place in town, Barley's, and had some dinner.  We were looking through the local alternative paper, the Mountain Express, when we came across an aticle about Sante Wine Bar. We discovered the wine bar several years ago shortly after they opened. We were in town in the winter, before we had decided to start building a tiny house. It was cold and we just wanted to get inside somewhere - and the first place we came across was Sante. We have loved it ever since.  They are makeing some big changes, and it is fabulous. We chatted with the owner that day and we talked to her again on Saturday - it has been fun to see the things that have been going on there over the last several years. She just installed a brand new Wine Tap system, which is super cool.

On Sunday, we didn't rush to get going because it was cold in the morning. We went out for breakfast and then headed up to the land for the days work. We didn't really have anything to do inside the house. Well, I take that back - we have plenty to do inside the house but there were some things we wanted to do outside before spring makes everything overgrown again.  I did take down the Christmas tree, but other than that we spent the day gathering fallen branches from the trails and burning them in the fire pit.  When the last of the brush was burning down to coals, we made some soup for dinner and hung out.  We started to wish that we were staying up at the tiny house for the weekend, but since we had been in town for the festival and were at the hotel, it was too late.  When the coals were out and dinner was done, we packed up and headed back in to Asheville.  Since we had already eaten dinner, we stopped for some dessert at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge.  Then we wandered by Jack of the Wood where there was a Celtic Session Jam going on, so we stopped in for a couple of beers to listen to the music.  While there, we did a lot of talking about future plans. A lot of it I want to share - but I have to wait for a few reasons. All of the plans will be revealed soon.

I did take a few photos, but nothing really note worthy since the house looks the same this time as it did when we left it last time.

We'll be going back up to Asheville for our anniversary (17 years on Valentines day!). While we will spend an evening celebrating, we also plan to spend the rest of the weekend up at the house to work on things. 


  1. I love this project! I moved to Florida from Asheville. If you have read my blog recently, you know I am so homesick for the mountains! I really want my tiny on wheels so I can visit up the mountain soon.

    I moved your comment to the main section of the article.


  2. Hey there!
    I mentioned your blog on my website yesterday!
    Check it out here:
    best wishes + tiny house love!

  3. Well Laura, our similar paths come shining through yet again. I wonder if we are connected genetically somehow. Where your grandma and I grew up is a pretty small place and we are pretty much all inbreds back there. A lot of people do not like to admit this, but I have done a lot of genealogy work and basically if I grew up with you, I am related to you.
    Anyway, I had not noticed this post until just a moment ago. I can be a bit oblivious sometimes. Sorry! Thing is that I love beer too. In Hamilton, Ontario where I live when I am not at the Tiny House, there is a fantastic old pub called Chester's Beers of the World. If it is good beer and they make it anywhere in the world Chester's has it.
    Was there last night with my writer's group. Enjoyed a Morland's Old Speckled Hen: England, a Negra Modelo: Mexico, Weihenstephaner: Bavaria... a lovely belly full of beer really for a tiny woman! I am glad that I did not have to climb the stairs at the Tiny House last night... tee hee...

  4. You just never know! My grandmother's maiden name was Nolan. I know my mom still has some cousins in the area. My grandmother moved to Detroit before my mom was born. It would be crazy if there were more of a connection than just tiny houses - though that is connection enough. One of these days, maybe I'll come up to Kingston to check out this beer scene. Sounds delicious.


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