Farewell Tiny House for 2011

We just got back from our last trip to our Tiny House for this year.  It was a really nice trip. We had just a few things to do - some additional trim. There are still a couple more pieces to install but nothing that will take a lot of time. This time we did the built in shelf boxes on the closet walls and framed out Piglet's litterbox door.  We decided not to sleep at the tiny house this time, mostly because it was going to get down to 20 degrees over night. The little house would have been warm enough to sleep in, but we didn't want to have to go outside in that cold in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. 

In fact, speaking of temperature, I got a photo of our indoor/outdoor thermometer while it was still heating up.  When we arrived at the house it was 27 outside and 33 inside. We turned on our little heater and it got up to 72.  Here is a slightly blurry photo while it was still in the process of heating up. 

Also, while we were there I put up the tiny stockings my sister bought us for Christmas last year.

But here is our real work.  First we built the boxes to fit in the spaces we left for shelves on those two walls.

Then we trimmed them.
Eventually they will have small shelves inside. 

Then we also framed and trimmed Piglet's litterbox door.
Here is the inside of the closet with the cedar wall.

Before we left for the day, I was up in the loft playing around with the camera and got this photo.

At dusk, we closed up the little house and wished it Happy Holidays and trekked back down the mountain.  We stayed at a hotel in Biltmore Village and walked to a local bar the

re for dinner. Then the next day we went to see the Lions play the Vikings - oh thank goodness we pulled that one off. It was the definition of a nail-biter.  

Big plans for next yet, as always. We have just a tad more interior trim to finish. Then put up the kitchen shelves.  Then we have to finish the bathroom.  Once all that is done inside, we'll work on the exterior trim (we are waiting until it is warmer to do that).  Then there is just some accessorizing to make the place 100% done and livable. 

We would like to wish all of our readers a safe and happy Holiday. And, if you find yourself in the mood to be charitable for the season please consider donating to the Zulu Orphan Alliance

I hope your holiday season is wonderful, whatever it is that you celebrate. 


  1. Ah! Laura! I just found your comment. I only got it by looking through the comment section. Your tiny house looks wonderful!


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