Community Supported Agriculture

Since gift giving is such a persistent theme during the winter holidays, it becomes a topic of conversation among tiny house enthusiasts.  I spent quite a bit of time deciding what to get for my partner this year. I wanted something creative and thoughtful, of course, but also something very practical for Life in 120 Square Feet.

Enter the CSA or Community Supported Agriculture.

CSA is a way to purchase a share of a farm's crops for the growing season. During your entire subscription period you receive a set amount of food each week. Vegetables are the most common, but meats and dairy products are also available through some CSAs.  I thought to myself that this was perfect for a lot of reasons. First, it wasn't just another thing to add to our collective stuff. Second, because we have never lived this way before we don't automatically know how to grow and harvest our own food. We certainly want to do that, but considering we failed to grow tomatoes and peppers in containers on our balcony this year we figure we may not get the results we are hoping for immediately. The CSA offers that immediate gratification. For a small price we own part of the harvest from that farm.

If you're interested in Community Supported Agriculture, there are plenty of sites that can point you in the right direction to find one in your area.  Such as here.  We found a couple near our tiny house that seem like they will be a good fit for us. We picked one that sounded right, added our name to the information list and will purchase it. Then, just about the time we will be moving into our little house the subscription will begin and we can pick up fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy.