Thanksgiving Weekend and Trim

It is hard to show the progress these days. Back when we just had a shell of a house, it was easy to see when we finished something new. Now, for all intents and purposes, the house is complete we are just finishing up the trim. 

After our trip to South Africa, we stayed home for a quiet Thanksgiving with friends. On Friday we went out to see The Muppets. But that left us with a whole weekend free. We decided to go up to Asheville. There was some business that needed to be attended to. When we arrived we had a meeting with all the neighbors in our little mountain hollow to discuss road maintenance. Once that was done, we headed up to the tiny house to get some work done.

Saturday was beautiful in the mountains. The temperature was in the 60s all day (and didn't get below 50 overnight either).  So we set out to complete two primary tasks. Matt cut and installed much of the last remaining trim and I put up our Holiday Decorations. It seems silly to decorate a small house that we might only see one more time before the end of the year, but it really made us feel good to get the house in the holiday spirit. 

Here is Matt installing some of the trim around the kitchen archway.
 Here is the finished trim on the cabinets.

Here is the little lime green tree up in the loft with a collection of glass ornaments.

Also while we were working, I had the brilliant idea of putting some of the left over FLOR on the ladder rungs. It brings some of the color of the FLOR down to the main living area and is nice and soft on your feet if you're coming down the ladder in the morning with no socks on.

At night, I wanted to get a picture of the tree in the loft from outside. It was really cool to see it all lit up like that. Makes the place feel really homey.  

The next morning, we got up and took our time. We boiled some water and made coffee and hot cocoa.

One day soon we'll be able to move our real pots and pans and dishes into the house so we don't have to use the camping kettle.  

We sat and enjoyed the beautiful mountain morning.

We got to work mid-morning and did the trim around the door, the closets and front archway.

We finished up around lunch time, had some sandwiches and then spent a little bit of time reorganizing our tools and wood, since we are almost done with the house as a whole.  We took some things back down to the barn as we were leaving so they weren't in the way at the tiny house any more. It doesn't take much for the tiny house to get cluttered, it being tiny and all. Now that it is livable and nearly done, we don't need all the supplies inside any more. 

On the way home we finally figured out the easiest way to do the built in shelves. If we had figured that out before we left we might have installed them.  But otherwise, we only have a short list of things to be done. We have to install the kitchen shelves, finish the built ins, trim around Piglet's litterbox door, and finish the closets.   I don't think any of that will take a ton of time.  I am so excited to have this little place finished.  We do still have to do the bathroom, but we were leaving that until last inside. Then we have to do the exterior trim, but we don't have to hurry on that either - plus we'd rather do that in the spring. 

We'll probably be back up once more this year barring any major ice or snow storms preventing us from getting up to the house. 


  1. Thanks so much for checking out our blog!

  2. Wow I thought living in my 900 square foot home was small. This is way cooler! Loved how the house is turning out. This is so awesome. Although our house is not as small...I do find live musch more enjoyable and stress free since down sizing. Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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