After you build cabinet doors, you can no longer see what is behind them

This week's trip up to Mt. Matt involved the building of tiny doors for our tiny kitchen cabinets.  This, once again, fell into the category of "Things We Have Never Done Before" so we needed to do a little research before we began.  Luckily for us, there are a number of great people currently building tiny houses and blogging about it. Just like I would hope this blog would also provide great tips and ideas, other tiny house builders do the same.  We liked the way Evan and Gabby built their cabinet doors so we did something similar.
 Here are the finished doors as soon as we were done with the project.
And here is the finished kitchen after we added door pulls.
Here is a better view of them.  We picked these out because they matched the design of the light fixtures. 

Once we were done with the cabinet doors, we began to work on the remaining trim.  We got all the the floor trim done, which is awesome. There is very limited trim left to do on the whole house. Then we need to finish the bathroom, put shelves in he front closets, and build the built in shelves and the interior will be done.  Once it is warm again next spring, we will finish the exterior trim and the house will be 100% done.  

On Friday we leave for our trip to South Africa.  I will have limited internet access while there, but once I return I will be sure to share photos and updates on our building project.  I plan to keep a journal the old fashioned way while we're there - with a pen and notebook - so I don't forget a thing.  Thanks to everyone who has been following along with the building process and our upcoming trip. And thanks to everyone who has donated to the Zulu Orphan Alliance - ever dollar helps with the shelter or to feed the children.  I can't wait to go and will be excited to share the experience when we return.