Minor Report; No Photos

I'm afraid I don't have much to report this week after our trip to Asheville. We got a lot done, just not a lot that would be photo- or even noteworthy.

We left for Asheville early on Saturday morning to go directly to a U-Haul rental place to rent a cargo van. See, we had several hundred various trim pieces to buy from Lowe's and we realized that there was no way it would all fit in the Element. I love the Element, and it can do almost anything, but even it can't carry about 200 individual pieces of 8 foot lumber. It was almost entirely trim for both the interior and exterior. This is really the last materials run for the build. We do still need to go get the counter tops and the shelves, but that can all fit in the Element with no problem.

After we loaded all the wood into the cargo van, we had to take it up to Mt. Matt only to unload it again and put it in the barn room. Since we are no longer sleeping in the barn, we can use it to store a lot of materials now and only take what we need up to the Tiny House for each project.

After we organized all the wood, we went up to the house to take our stuff and knock out a couple of little projects. We put a light box up in the ceiling to install the light bar we got for that. Then we installed the light, but realized that it wasn't a good fit. We had bought a Tidig from Ikea and because of the way it installed with side screws, it just didn't work in the peak of the gabled roof. We had to take it down and we'll figure out something smaller.

We kept the van a little long, so we really needed to leave to get it back to the U-Haul place back in time. And after we did that, we decided to go to the Highland Brewery tasting room. I really enjoyed it and it quickly launched to nearly the top of the list for local Asheville breweries. After a couple of pints, we stopped for dinner and then went back up to Mt. Matt to call it a night. It was a cool and rainy night, so sleeping in the loft was terribly pleasant

On Sunday, we woke to a rainy morning so some of our plans had to be changed. We wanted to do the trim in the ceiling, but we couldn't set up the table saw outside. Instead, we put up the hall light one of the last plugs. Also, our neighbor walked up to the house and we visited with him for a while.

We cleaned up and were on our way home about 1:30. Once back in Atlanta, met up with some friends for our favorite pizza, Mellow Mushroom, for some fun and conversation.

Next trip up should have more photo opportunities. Stay tuned!