Ceiling trim, counter tops and an outlet

Just a couple of photos and updates to share this week.  We just got back from a weekend up at Mt. Matt and had a lovely weekend.

On Saturday, we got up early and left Atlanta a little before 7am.  We drove straight to Lowe's where we bought a few supplies including stain (Fiddlehead) and the wood for the counter tops. We stopped and got some lunch and headed up to the mountain.  When we got there, we took a few moment to eat our lunch before we loaded up the ATV trailer to cart up to the house.  Once we unloaded our stuff we got to work determining just how we were going to do the ceiling ridge trim.  We had to set up the table saw, which we're not as proficient with. We just had to figure out the angles to be able to fit the trim up in the ceiling to fill in the gap between the siding.  I think we did a rather nice job of it myself.  Though it was a little hard to get the picture looking straight up
Once the ceiling trim was in place, we installed the new light fixture. We picked this simple round ball to match the two fixtures in the living space. 
Then, the last project for Saturday was to stain the counter tops.  We decided a long time ago to make green the dominant accent color in our little cabin. This will just give a little contrast against all the light wood everywhere. 
Then our neighbors up on the hill came to pick us up and we all went to dinner. It was a delightful time. They just moved to their own little cabin from Las Vegas and have only been here for a few weeks.  They took us to Fig, an incredible restaurant in Biltmore Village

Today, we slept in. The weather was beautiful for sleeping in the loft this weekend. It wasn't as hot as it has been the rest of this summer.  After we got up, I put a second coat of stain on the counters and Matt installed an outlet in the storage loft (that way we can plug in a fan up there to provide some cross ventilation.  I didn't take any pictures of that because installing an outlet is rather boring to watch. 

We'll not be back for a couple of weeks.  This coming weekend we will be immersing ourselves in one of our other favorite things, Dragon*Con.  And the weekend after that we are staying in Atlanta to be able to go to our favorite bar to watch the first Detroit Lions game of the season. After that, though, it seems like the only thing we have left to do is trim.  The finish line is so close! 


  1. Love the green wood counters - really neat touch!

    It's been years since I went to DragonCon myself, but I know the draw - enjoy your weekend!


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