While there is a still a lot of little stuff to be done at the Tiny House, this weekend we tackled the last big project we had left: the floors. 

We did a lot of research into types of floors and finally settled on one primarily for ease of use. We decided on the Allure flooring system from Home Depot in natural maple. It is a floating floor system made of durable materials. 

As it turned out, even though this was the last big job for us, it only took us a day to install it. It was pretty easy to work with.  Here are some photos: 

We even had time this weekend to go into Asheville for their annual music festival Bele Chere. Got to see one of my favorite bands, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, which was pretty awesome. 

Most everything else we need to do is some level of finish work. Lots of trim, cabinet doors, counters, shelves, and moving in furniture.  I can't believe it is almost finished. 


  1. That is a beautiful floor, and it really does make the whole space look finished. One question though. Did you particularly choose to run the board lengthwise instead of widthwise? What was your reasoning for it?

  2. It is the way the manufacturer recommends installing it, however we also wanted to position it this way to make the space look larger. That way, when you first walk in the door, the lines take your eyes all the way through the tiny space.


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