Closer and Closer Every Day

It is hard to remember where we were with the house build a year ago.  It seems like we have progressed so far to be able to do the finishing work inside. I'm not sure I ever thought we'd be ready for this part, even though I knew we had to be eventually. 

We started out this weekend on Friday night.  We left Atlanta right after work and cruised into the Asheville area around 11pm.  Once we got to Mt. Matt I set up camp in our little barn room and by midnight, I was sound asleep.  I don't know what it is about Western North Carolina but I always feel so at peace and comfortable when I am there.  I sleep way better out in the mountain air than I ever do in the city. On Saturday morning we got up at 8am, hopped out of bed and drove into town for some coffee and breakfast. We were back to the mountain by about quarter after 9 and ready to get working.  The project this weekend was to do the inside paneling on the gables.  We began to cut the pieces and that was the part that took the longest, especially getting up and down from the loft to dry fit each piece or series of pieces as they were cut.  Since only one person could go up and down the ladder into the loft at a time, I enjoy the mountain view from our tiny porch.
At about 1pm I went back down to the barn to prepare and pack up lunch picnic style.  This was our first meal at the tumbleweed house so I decided to document it. 

After lunch, we split up for a while.  Matt continued measuring and cutting siding for the gables while I decided now was a fine time to spray for Poison Ivy. It was just sprouting on the path up to the house and I figured that would be a good time to nip it in the literal bud before it became an infestation.  I am ridiculously allergic to the stuff and have at least one bad reaction to it each year.  Matt named me minister in charge of poison ivy control and I take that job very seriously.  I only sprayed up the path to the house, but I know there is more to be destroyed.  When I got back up to the house, we were getting closer to being able to install the paneling, which after all the measuring and cutting would prove to be the simplest part of the job. 
We used the pneumatic brad nailer, which made the job a breeze. 
I absolutely love the finished product. I can't wait to get started on the rest of the house.  After we finished the gables, I went down to the barn to make dinner (burritos in the camp oven) while Matt worked out just how to do the ceiling for the next trip. 

On Sunday, we got up again about 8am but didn't rush.  We were going to leave WNC about 11am to get home in time to get ready for Easter Dinner at a friend's house in Atlanta at 6pm.  We didn't do any work per se, but we did go up to the house to take measurements for the cabinets in the kitchen.  With very clear heads that morning we designed a very cool shelving unit for the kitchen and I can't wait to see it finished. 

The next trip in a couple of weeks is a 4 day trip - we each took some vacation time.  We are pretty ambitious but I think we can accomplish everything.  The ceiling, the walls and building the cabinets are on the docket.  Stay tuned for more adventures.