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Yesterday, Alex from Tiny House Talk posted a response to my latest blog post. He mentioned his next post would be about our tiny house. Today, as promised, the post was live. And on my birthday, no less.  Check out the post at Tiny House Talk. Matt even responded to him to thank him for his post. I like that he references Throreau's Walden when describing our little house. As cheesy as it sounds, it was an inspiration for us. 

This led me to reading the rest of Alex's blog.  I was most interested in this post from earlier this month. Apparently inspired by Evan and Gabby's blog as well as the folks who write this blog. Alex poses the question as to whether or not two people can live comfortably in one tiny house. It is actually one of the most frequently asked questions we get about this process, even from some of our closest friends. Honestly, many of the reasons he specifies are truly motivators to our decision to want to live in a tiny house. Of course, our house isn't mobile in any way, so we are fixed to one place on the planet. In our case that is 15 acres of our very own mountain in North Carolina. If we really don't want to be in the same space, we can find another part of the land for some alone time. But I think the real answer to the  question as to why the to of us want to build a tiny house and then live in it is because the two of us actually like to spend time together. People are often surprised by this.  We are, after all, a culture that seems to really appreciate copious amounts of personal space. I even had an acquaintance tell me that the reason we liked to spend time together was because we hadn't been together for very long. I laughed at this because Matt and I have been together for 16 years.  One of the lessons we learned when we lived in the big house that we recently sold was that we realized we didn't use the whole house, we just spent time together in a couple of rooms - the kitchen, the entertainment room and the bedroom.  Now the Tiny House really serves all those purposes in only 120 square feet. 

What I am really saying is that I give a lot of credit to couples who are looking to live in a tiny space with one another.


  1. I can think of no better birthday present than to have something you are putting your passion and personal energy into be compared to something Henry Thoreau aspired to. Nice job!

    We can appreciate your thoughts on not using a whole house. We came to a similar conclusion when we were in the decision making process regarding whether or not to pursue this crazy tiny house idea. We realized we really only frequent a very small portion of our existing house, so consolidating our footprint made some real sense.

    You guys are right on track, and are blessed to have a partnership with such solidly shared values. And, SUPER blessed to have a slice of heaven in the form of a NC mountain side!

    Evan & Gabby


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