A week at the Tiny House

Truthfully, Matt should be the one to write this post but I'll do the best I can.  Last week Tuesday he went up to Asheville.  He spend the week there working remotely as well as working on the house.  I joined him on Thursday night, but by then he had accomplished quite a bit of building. 

Pictures might tell the story better than I can.
The trip prior, he and I had built the porch.  In this trip, Matt finished the porch overhang along with the posts and lintel.  He roofed the porch with the same metal roofing on the rest of the house. 

On Friday when I was there we actually spent some time cleaning up the building area, taking some of the materials we were finished with back down to the barn and organizing all the tools inside the house (and some underneath the house).  When that was done we used a piece of scrap plywood to cover up the door just for the winter.  We plan to install some type of glass in the door in the future.  That left us with all day Saturday where we actually started doing some work on the inside to prepare to build the internal walls on the next trip. 

Here is our tiny house in the early Winter landscape.  

It was really cold this weekend up in Asheville so we were happy to be doing some of the work inside and it gave us a chance to use the heater, which worked like a champ and kept us toasty.  

We had some fun in Asheville, too.  We ate at the Lexington Avenue Brewery and enjoyed that quite a bit.  On Saturday we drove out to a place called Cinebarre.  It is a movie theater that serves drinks and dinner during the movie.  We had a lot of fun and I think more places like that should exist.  We saw Inception and had tasty grilled cheese sandwiches.  There is a similar place here in Roswell that we'll need to try soon. 

The next trip will be in December and we'll be building the interior walls.