Some Blog Links to Share

A couple months ago, we found our tiny house featured on the blog The Tiny Life.  It is very cool to see something you've worked so hard on to be featured in this way.

About a month ago, The Tiny life posted an update.

We still have a lot of work to, but we have some big plans for the end of the year.  October is scheduled pretty heavily with non-building activities, but we'll be going up toward the end of the month for a weekend.  Then in the beginning of November, Matt will be going up for a whole week and I'll join him on the weekend.  We should be on track with getting the outside finished in 2010 and then we can move to the interior.

Our Tumbleweed House Design is the Tarleton, so I thought I would also share with you the link to another tiny house builder, Will, and his own Tarleton.   Also, earlier this year Will took the car on a Trans-Canadian trip from British Columbia to New Brunswick.  How cool is that?  Our Tarlteon is stationary, so it won't be quite the world traveler.