Tiny House Update: Porch Edition

Another trip to North Carolina this weekend and I feel very pleased with what we accomplished. 

We got up early on Saturday and hit the road.  We made it up to Asheville around 9:30 or so.  We stopped at Lowe's to get the materials we needed to built a porch/deck on the front of the tiny house.  This included deck block, pressure treated lumber and all the assorted screws and fasteners required. 

When we got up to Mt. Matt we found that the ATV, an integral part of the getting heavy items from barn to house system, did not start.  The problem appeared to be the battery and without any way to actually jump start the ATV we hooked it up to the generator using a trickle charger.   We set it up to charge and had lunch and then took some things up to the house by hand - including two 42 pound deck blocks.  We started by getting the two deck blocks by the house level and then decided to see if we could get the ATV to start since it had been a couple of hours.  Luckily, it started just fine and we could load the rest of the tools and materials on the ATV trailer and get them up to the site.  We decided to get everything up to the house, arrange it all neatly so everything was ready for us to start first thing in the morning.  Then, we went into Asheville for the night. We stayed at a hotel in town instead of camping.  It got kind of cold, but we've camped in colder.  But we just decided we wanted to stay in Asheville and not have to worry about driving back up to our place that night. 

We got back up to Mt. Matt around 10am on Sunday and got to work.  And the deck came together beautifully.  We leveled and framed and decked it in no time. 

We had built a deck before for the shower platform that we made by the barn so this one seemed extra easy. Plus, the dimensions were truly tiny considering it is the front porch of a 120 square foot house. 

Just as we were fastening the last screw, our neighbors came up to say Hi.  They couldn't have planned it better.  We were able to give them a "tour" of the place and  describe what it would look like when it was finished.  They headed back out on their walk and we cleaned everything up before going to get dinner and heading back to Atlanta. 

Matt is going back for a week soon and plans to finish the porch roof and beams.  Then all we need to do with the outside is trim it.  We think we will wait to do that until the spring and start working on the inside this winter by framing out the closet and bathroom walls.