Siding Complete

Another trip to Asheville this weekend resulted in finishing the siding. As you can see, our cat Piglet was not to excited about us leaving her at home again. 

We left Atlanta about 8am to arrive at Mt. Matt about 11:30. The intention was to get there in time for lunch and then start work in the afternoon.  There wasn't much left to finish.  I had to stain three more panels and then we had to measure and cut out the pieces for the gable ends and the front of the house. I got to staining and the panels were done in no time.  Matt took the measurements for the back gable and traced it out and cut the peices.  It was one of the hardest to install because of the hight and being up on the ladder,
but they were small peices so it didnt' take too long.  Measuring the front of the house was a little more complex because we had already built a porch overhang and needed to install the panels around that.
It took a lot more math, but Matt diagramed it and we were able to cut the panels and install them without a problem.  We were done around 7:30 so we got ourselves cleaned up and went into town for dinner.

 With the siding complete we feel a whole new sense of accomplishment. The outside is nearly finished.  The next task is building the porch and after that we can complete the trim on the outside of the house and then we can begin to focus on the inside.  We expect to finish the outside this year and can start with the interior after the first of the year.