I am sorry for the delay in our update.  We were in Asheville this past weekend - August 14th and 15th.  But life has been awfully surreal.  On August 9th, my email account was hacked and all associated accounts were taken over.  That meant I didn't have access to Blogger. I have spent the 10 days trying to get it back, and it finally worked. 

So, on with the update.  This past weekend our trip to Asheville was mostly pleasure.  There was a big storm in Atlanta on Friday night, so rather than trying to get out of this city in the traffic jam caused by rain and by, well, traffic we decided to go up on Saturday.  We got up at 4:30 am and left Atlanta.  When we got up to Asheville we went to Home Depot to rent a truck and get the plywood we needed for siding.  When we arrived, about 10 after 8, we were told the truck had just been rented out for the whole weekend!  The helpful rental guy called the other Home Depot and they had their truck and would hold it for us.  We drove over there and rented it.  But then, that Home Depot didn't have the plywood we were looking for!  The horror.  So, we took the Home Depot Truck and drove to the Lowe's that is nearest our land.  We were, of course, made fun of for taking a Home Depot Truck to Lowe's but they had what we needed.  We took it back to the land.  We had to use the ATV and trailer to get it up to the tiny house, but when we tried to start the ATV it wouldn't.  Matt spent some time trying to figure out the problem and eventually we decided to change the spark plug.  The sucker started up as soon as we did that and we were able to load the plywood onto the trailer in two loads to take up to the house. It took us longer to do that than we wanted to and rain was threatening so we decided not to do any more work.  The next step was to stain and cut the plywood and that all had to be done outside.  So, we decided to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying ourselves.  We drove back to the Home Depot, got our car and began our new adventure.  We chose to check out the town of Hickory, about an hour or so away.  We drove out there, stopped at a microbrewery.  The town was small and it started to rain so we called up a hotel in Black Mountain (back on the way to Asheville) and headed back.  In Black Mountain we went to the Pisgah Brewery and enjoyed a beer in the courtyard of the brewery.  The rain had cleared and it was cool and lovely.  We went to dinner and then to the hotel to sleep.  The next morning we decided just to head back to Atlanta.  So, it doesn't seem like we got a ton of work done but delivering the siding materials was pretty important and we enjoyed ourselves otherwise.

We are in Atlanta this weekend, but next weekend we will be back up to Asheville and will stain and cut the siding and begin installing it.  I can't wait to get photos of that!