Jay Shafer Inspires People to Live Small

Over the weekend, Yahoo's front page featured this video about Jay Shafer and his tiny house.  Funny part is, suddenly everyone was sending it to me with emails like, "Have you seen this guy?  This is so cool! I thought you would like this."

Well, I certainly do like it.  That is because we are currently building a tiny house designed by Jay Shafer. 

The part that is most exciting to me (and probably to Jay) is that his Tumbleweed Tiny House company is getting so much national exposure.  People all over the country are buzzing about tiny houses.  Some people are beside themselves with excitement about wanting to build these small structures and others are wondering how anyone could possible live in a place so tiny.  Whatever side of the discussion you're on, that is okay because at least it is a discussion. 

Matt and I had the pleasure of meeting Jay about a year and a half ago, right before we took the plunge and bought the plans for the Tarleton that we are now building.  He is a really good guy.  On top of that, with the plans we got free consultation with him if we had any questions.  Along the way we have had a couple of phone conversations about some alterations that we have made.  We've also sent him photos of our progress along the way. 

Keep watching for more details on our tiny house build and other interesting tiny house news.