Inspirational Reading

There have been a lot of books that have influenced us in our decision to build a tiny house and simplify our lives.  I thought maybe some of these titles might be of interest to everyone else.  I wouldn't declare that any of these books are the "be all and end all" of alternative building, but they are books that we have read that have moved us along this path. 

Matt and I have read both of these books, of course.  But my personal favorites are Healing Appalachia and Little House on a Small Planet.  I wrote about the latter in my livejournal recently.  It has been very inspirational.  Healing Appalachia has been similarly inspirational because we are building in the Smoky Mountains and it is very important to me that we use technology that works best with the environment. 

What other books are out there for self-reliant living or alternative building?  What has inspired you?