The Evolution of A Tiny House

I have been faithfully updating photos on Flickr since we began this project. 

Enjoy the tour!


  1. love it! a tiny house for tiny people!

  2. From some of the pictures it looks like you have a fair amount of help (at least some of the time). Are they local or do you bring in friends from Atlanta? Are there particular parts of the build that you found impossible to do with just the two of you?

    To me, everything in the pictures look very doable with (time, experience, patience and a fair amount of mistakes) other than the pilings. Did you do them yourself?

  3. We have friends come with us from time to time - either from Atlanta or from Detroit.

    We had the most help during the framing of the house and it would have taken us a lot longer without them.

    The only part that we have had someone do completely without *our* help was the roof - our neighbor in Asheville simply had more experience.

    The concrete piers - well, yeah, those were done by JUST the two of us. It was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. I would do it all over again.


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