Monday, March 19, 2012

Tiny Interior Design

This weekend we did a lot of finish work in the tiny house.  I'll let the photos tell the story. 

It is surprisingly difficult to get a photo of the entire tiny space.  

Let me take you on a tour.
On either side of the door are our closets, now complete with curtains rather than doors.

Then you come to the seating area.  The director's chairs are temporary - we have a tiny futon on its way.  That cubby will have small shelves for small item storage.  

Here is another view of the living room area.

Then we come to the kitchen.  This weekend, we installed the kitchen shelves.

Here is another view of our kitchen shelves.

Our glasses are a collection of pint glasses from local breweries in Atlanta and Asheville.

We were finally able to put out our dishes. We got these as a gift for the tiny house a couple of years ago.  Having them in the house is so cool.  

This is our "sink".  Soon it will be accompanied by a Burkey water filtration system. 

Next on our tour is the bathroom which is the only room that isn't finished yet.  

Though we did finish the wall siding.  It is cedar rather than the pine that we used in the rest of the house.  We will build little built in shelves to act as our medicine cabinets.  

Then we come to the dining room.  The table from Ikea folds down so we can have more room if we need it. We also changed out the light fixtures.  We replaced the ones we had with the Ikea Pult.  This is for a strange but practical reason - we are going to build Piglet some shelves so she can get up to the loft and the other lights would have been in her way.  Stay tuned for progress on this particular project.

Speaking of the loft...its up there.  

And that brings us back to the front of the house and the loft storage there. 

It felt great to stay in the very nearly finished house this weekend. We'll be back next weekend for the Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop.  We'll be there on Sunday afternoon to share our story with the folks there.  We were able to do a workshop several years ago and it was one of the things that motivated us to get started with our own project.  I can't wait to meet Pepper and the rest of the Tiny House team. 


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    1. Thanks for telling us about Jay Shafer in the first place. If we hadn't had that conversation, who knows what we would have built!

  2. Loving it. Man I'm jealous looking at these photos. And the clear storage boxes above the door? Pure genius. Can't wait to see the shelves for piglet and I was wondering how the cat would get up there to snuggle in the night.

    1. Thanks!

      The clear storage boxes were a great find. One of the keys to keeping such a small space organzed is to have a place for everything and be able to see and find it easily. When I think about all the stuff that we have in storage that we haven't used in two years I realize just how much stuff we don't actually need.

      I can't wait to see Piglet's shelves either! We have been contemplating that question since we started building the house but until the space was close to finished we couldn't plan for it. We think we have a solution now that will be easy for her. My bigger concern is that she will fall out of the loft - the hairless cat is not that graceful.

  3. It is looking great Laura! I really look forward to getting mine to this kind of finished! One question: the table appears to be on the wall where you are putting the futon... what gives?

    1. Thanks so much!

      The futon will replace the two directors chairs and it will be on the wall oposite the dining table. It will be next to the kitchen counter. It has just occured to me that this might seem strange - that others might have put the dining table on the wall next to the counters. I had never though of that placement before. I don't think the house wanted it that way.

  4. Nice work! Such clean lines on everything. Uh, what about your shower and toilet? That's our next project, looking for tips. :)

    1. Thanks so much! I appreciate your compliment. Our toilet is composting - nothing terribly exciting there. We bought the smallest shower enclosure we could find and built the bathroom to fit it. And we use a modified garden sprayer - here is the post on how to build that:

  5. Love the house & the blog - I just discovered it today! I was even more excited to see your beer blog... because it seems that we have two things in common - living in a tiny space, and a passion for craft beer! Cheers! :)

    1. I'm glad you found us! Thanks for reading - this and the beer blog!

  6. beautiful, I so would love to do this.

  7. Beautiful You have done a wonderful job. I would love to live this way

  8. Love, love, love all your information! I am moving to my tiny house in about six weeks. I have a couple of questions; where did you find those storage containers in your storage loft and where did you find a tiny futon (how long is yours and did you buy the frame or build it)? Thanks so much! I too have a cat, a giant one, and am trying to figure out how to provide access to both lofts for her. Thanks again for the information!

    Jody Worrell


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