Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am just a House Carpenter

And now for this musical break.

We just got back from Asheville.  Matt spent the last week up there and really loved being in the Tiny House. He is adjusting well to being back in the city, though. I drove up on Saturday to see what he had finished during the week.  He said he wasn't sure how things were going to go because he's never done finish carpentry.  But then again, he never did rough carpentry before starting to build either, so that turned out fine.

 While I was gone he did the trim on all the windows, around the counters and around the upper perimeter of the house including the loft fronts.  It looks great. He also modified the ladder with new features.  It is now a movable ladder. With the new movable ladder I got up into the storage loft for the first time ever!  Yay me.  I was only a little terrified.

On Saturday, I tung oiled all of the new wood in the house.  Matt did some work on the front door. It is still a temporary door, but we just wanted it to look better than having a rough piece of plywood screwed to it.  So we framed it out with some trim, cut the plywood to size and attached it in the opening. Then, on the front, we took some decorative trim, tung oiled it, and nailed it in to give it just a little pop.  It'll be fine now until we get around to building a better door one day.

So, I know you are all here just for the photos.  Without further ado...Photos!

The new feature on the ladders - Hooks! 

And the ladder accessing the storage loft.
Loft window frame.

Working on the door.
Say Cheese!
Finished door...for now. Hi Chomsky
A look at the trim.
A view from the inside
100% finished counters with trim.  We coated the counters with salad bowl oil.
Dining room with window trim and the table folded down.

I promise I will be updating the flikr page one of these days. Keep an eye on that.  The next trip up will be in the middle of October, so stay tuned for more updates. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

We Have Carpet!

Once the lofts were completed in the tiny house, we thought it would be a cool feature to put carpet tiles up there.  Not just any carpet tiles, but a product called FLOR.  It seemed like another way we could add a little pop of color to the house.  We matched a color to the counter stain and I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out.  On Saturday, Matt and I got up to Asheville and I spend the day putting the FLOR down while Matt did some trim work. 
This is the FLOR in the loft just after I finished installing it
And here is a weird angle shot to show the FLOR and the counter.  
And here is the corner of the loft with the trim installed.

Once the FLOR was in place ansd the trim nailed in, we hoisted the bed back into position and set it back up for sleeping.  

Matt is staying up at the tiny house this week.  Mostly he is there to see how our current energy system can handle day to day use. He'll be doing his day job remotely as well as some work on the house in the evenings.  

Also, we have a pet spider. So I was playing around with my cameras digital macro settings and got this photo of the orb weaver who set himself up by our porch light.